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Explore a new range of CPD resources to help you develop where you need to, no matter where you are in your career. 

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Excel resources

Learn to leverage Excel features, functions and techniques to their full potential. Plus, with step-by-step demonstrations, these resources prepare you to immediately put your knowledge into action with powerful reporting workbooks.

Future focused resources

No matter where you are in your career, failure to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation leaves you vulnerable. These resources are designed to keep you one step ahead with the latest developments in business and finance.

Career boost resources

You're highly skilled and want to be prepared for the next career opportunity. You have the expertise, but do you have the influence? The Career Boost resources are designed to help you prove your worth and stand out from the crowd.

Accounting and reporting

Accounting and reporting

Finance and treasury

Explore the financial management of an organization including financial planning and analysis, asset management, buying and selling businesses, contracting goods and services and foreign operations. 

Future of finance

Discover major trends affecting business and the finance function and prepare for future risks and opportunities and leverage innovations. 

Global economy and markets

Expand your horizons by learning about the risks and opportunities and compliance and regulatory obligations within the global economy and markets. 

Governance and risk

Get sound guidance and information on corporate governance, enterprise risk management, internal controls and more. 

People and leadership skills

Be recognized as a leader by building your skills in negotiation and decision-making, communication, collaboration and partnering, team building, coaching and mentoring, motivating and inspiring, and change management.

Performance management

Help yourself, your team or your organization consistently achieve high-quality results by understanding the business processes of an entity, how to achieve efficiencies, how to improve cash flow and maintain profitability.

Strategy and innovation

From support to insight, learn how management accountants can play a key role in the direction of the organization and its successful advancement.


Build an understanding of how to manage financial, social and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities to ensure ongoing success.

Technology and analytics

Learn about networks, computer hardware, system software, database management systems, as well as information technology infrastructure and safeguarding of assets.

CGMA Vault

Coming Soon, CGMA Vault™ is a curated selection of premium sessions from Association conferences and webcasts. Your subscription provides you unlimited access for one year with content added regularly to help you maintain your professional edge.

MBA Express resources

Coming soon, the MBA Express packs build skills in areas, such as adding value, business strategy, leadership strategy and more. They are designed to help you maximize your effectiveness in today’s fast-paced, complex business environment.